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Our Parent Education Program and SAFE Services Program services are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of children and help families in conflict or crisis improve their quality of life. Our goals are to…

~Provide a nurturing environment in which parents learn better parenting skills~

~Provide a safe, secure place for supervised visits and exchanges~

In the last five years…

~We served 931 adult and teen parents in our Parent Education classes and support groups.

~SAFE Services staff provided 5,840 exchanges of children between parents in conflict and 4,286 supervised visits for parents and children who otherwise would be unable to see each other.

The demand for our services is increasing. In 2013 alone …

~ We served 197 parents and offered 20 Parent Education classes.

~ SAFE Services staff provided 1,382 exchanges and 985 supervised parenting time visits for 297 parents and children.