Application Process

Parents/guardians must fill out our application prior to meeting with staff. We ask that you do this prior to meeting with staff so you can take time to read through our rules/guidelines, gather additional paperwork, and decide if you feel our services will meet your needs. Intake appointments will not be held if you have not filled out the application.

Parents/guardians must bring the filled out application and all supporting documents to a scheduled intake appointment. Please contact the Safe Services Coordinator, by phone at 303-776-5348, ext. 1 or email to to schedule this appointment.

There is a $25 non-refundable fee for the intake.  The intake appointment generally takes 45 minutes to an hour.  We ask that you do not bring your child(ren) with you at this time.  The conversation may not be appropriate for them.  We do encourage you to bring your child another time before the services start, so they can see the Center and meet staff.  This will need to be set up with the Coordinator.

Both parents/guardians will need to go through this process before we can set up services.  We do not contact parties to begin this process, they will need to contact us.

The following must be completed prior to supervised parenting time or exchanges being scheduled:

  • Client applications and intake appointment with $25 fee, completed by both parties
  • Proof of income which can be 2 months of pay stubs, the most recent tax return or an affidavit proving yearly gross income and dependents claimed. Parents receiving disability or financial aid must provide proof
  • Copies of each Parents current drivers license, car registration and car insurance
  • Any court orders and restraining orders relating to the case must be provided with the application and a copy will be maintained in the client file
  • The agreement of both parties to the available time slot(s).

Once the intakes are completed, and we decide your family is a good fit for our services, we will coordinate the scheduling of your services.  We try to adhere to court orders but may not be able to, due to availability of time and staff.

Click to download the SAFE Services Application  (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)