SAFE Services Program Rules

1)    Due to the high volume of phone calls at SAFE Services, Parents who wish to speak with the SAFE Services Coordinator will need to leave a message on extension 1 voicemail.  Calls will be returned in the order that they are received.  Please DO NOT leave more than one message, as this is not necessary. Because of our limited days and hours of service, your call may not be returned immediately, but it will be returned as soon as possible.   All phone contacts and voice messages are documented by SAFE Services staff.  

2)    The following must be completed prior to supervised parenting time or exchanges being scheduled: Both Parents must contact the SAFE Services Coordinator prior to an intake being scheduled. Each parent will need to individually complete an intake interview with the SAFE Services Coordinator. Each parent must bring to the intake appointment:

a)     completed client application
b)    $25 intake fee
c)     To be eligible for our sliding scale fee, you must provide proof of income; this can be 2 months of pay stubs, the most recent tax return or an affidavit proving yearly gross income and dependents claimed.  Parents receiving disability or financial aid must provide proof
d)    Copy of current driver’s license, car registration, and car insurance
e)     Any court orders and restraining orders relating to the case

3)    The SAFE Services Coordinator will schedule services based on the availability of parents, staff, and time slots.  Court orders will be accommodated as closely as possible. All families will start with a 1-hr visit at the Longmont facility. This will be moved to a maximum of 2 hours based on availability and court orders after SAFE Services staff feels it is appropriate. Consistently scheduled services will be arranged. Children First of the Rockies will not schedule infrequent or once-only visits or exchanges. 

4)    Scheduling issues must be addressed with the SAFE Services Coordinator and not the staff monitors.  If you have other concerns, it is advisable to make an appointment with the SAFE Services Coordinator. At no time is it acceptable to discuss your concerns in front of other families and/or children.

5)    Parents and their attorneys, caseworkers, therapists, and other parties involved in their case will use our services in “good faith.”  Any manipulation tactics, threats, or bullying to align against the other parent or hinder the visit/exchange process will not be permitted and services will be terminated.

6)    SAFE Services will not act as a mediator or “go between.”  All matters other than scheduling services at SAFE Services must be handled by attorneys, therapists, or other parties or parents involved.

7)    At no time is it permissible to serve legal papers to parents on CFOR property.   This facility is meant to be a safe, neutral site for children and this will not be tolerated.  Services will be terminated immediately and a report will be filed with the Court as well as all other parties involved.

8)    All responsible parties are expected to provide payment for the services received through SAFE Services at the time of the service.  If payment is not received within two (2) services, your services will be suspended until the balance is received.  Time slots will not be reserved during suspension for delinquent accounts.

9)    There will be no contact on CFOR property between Parents while using SAFE Services (regardless if there is a protection order or not).

10) The receiving or visiting Parent will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the visit/exchange.  The child(ren) will be dropped off at the visit/exchange time at the front door and staff will accompany the child(ren) into the visitation room. The dropping off party will leave the premises immediately and remain at least 5 blocks away during services. 

11) After the visit or exchange, the receiving Parent will leave the visitation room at staff direction.  If a parent leaves the visitation room prior to staff consent, services will immediately be terminated.  

12) If either Parent is running late, they must call 303-776-5248 extension 102 to report this so that the other Parent can be reached in order that they don’t arrive at the same time. If either Parent is late, the supervised visit will not be extended and will end at the regularly scheduled time.

13) If either Parent is 20 minutes late, regardless of reason, the visit or exchange will be cancelled.  This information will be documented in the family file.  Neither party will be allowed on Center property after a visit or exchange has been cancelled until the next scheduled service.

14) A fee will be assessed to a Parent who habitually arrives early or late.  This fee is $1 per minute and will be charged whether the Parent is financially responsible for services or not.  This fee is in addition to the actual service fee.

15) If cancellation is necessary, SAFE Services staff must be contacted at least 24 hours in advance of the supervised parenting time or exchange.  If the Parent does not reach the SAFE Services staff, the Parent must leave a message on extension 102 voicemail regarding why the service was cancelled.  If the cancellation is less than 24 hours before the scheduled service, the Parent cancelling will be charged for the service. Frequent cancellations may result in suspension or termination of services.

16) If the child or visiting Parent is ill, services should be cancelled.  This ensures that other families and staff are not exposed to the illness.  A Parent must call to cancel as soon as possible. No charges will be assessed for illness; however, if it becomes habitual SAFE Services will require a doctor’s written notice to continue services.  If the SAFE Services staff becomes ill and there is no back-up staff available, visits may require rescheduling and will be made up as soon as possible.

17) There is a $25 fee for any Parent who is a No Call/No Show.  If there is a second No Call/No Show, there will be a $50 fee and services will be suspended. Each Parent is responsible for communicating cancellations to the SAFE Services Coordinator.  This also applies if there has been a new court order or ruling that the Parents no longer need services.  SAFE Services must be contacted or a No Call/No Show fee will be assessed.

18) Due to the high use of SAFE Services, make-up services will only be scheduled if deemed possible by the SAFE Services Coordinator.

19) Parents who are dropping children off may choose an alternate driver.  If there are concerns about who has been designated to provide transportation, it is your responsibility to take this issue up with your attorney(s) or another third party mediator.  All Parents and alternate drivers must provide copies of their driver’s licenses, car registration, and insurance information. This will be kept in the family file. Any changes in insurance or the automobile driven need to be reported to SAFE Services within 3 days or services may be suspended. 

20) Third party drivers are not allowed to remain on the premises after they have dropped off a parent or a child for services. Staff will ask any unknown people on the property to leave.

21) Parents or alternate drivers will be responsible for meeting the Child Restraint Law as mandated by the State of Colorado, i.e. car seats, booster seats, and safety belts.  SAFE Services staff are not liable for checking automobiles for these items.

22) Exchanges may not be conducted on outdoor CFOR property, including the parking lot.  All services will take place in the visiting room.

23) SAFE Services cannot guarantee anyone’s physical or psychological safety.  If there is concern for the quality of the service, the safety of the child or staff, or for any other reason, services may be stopped at the discretion of the SAFE Services staff.  Involved parties will be notified promptly.

24) Services will be cancelled if SAFE Services staff suspects that a Parent is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.  The Parent will be asked to leave the premises immediately and the other Parent will be notified.  The Parent retains the right to obtain a UA or BA at his or her own expense within 2 hours of the cancellation and bring the results to the SAFE Service Coordinator on the following business day.  If the results confirm that the Parent was NOT under the influence, the services will be made up free of charge.

25) Weapons, including anything that can be used as a weapon, drugs, and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

26) SAFE Services reserves the right to search person or property at any time for any or no reason.  If you choose to decline, you will be asked to leave the property immediately and may have services terminated.